Appointment of the deputy leader with certainty. Best rookie catcher who lost 10kg. “My dream is to play in the first team even for a moment”

  • February 21, 2023

 “I named Kim Bum-seok.”

Catcher Kim Beom-seok, who was nominated in the first round with an impressive comment from LG Twins general manager Cha Myung-seok, is training in Icheon, not Arizona, USA.먹튀검증

Many teams brought their first-round picks to the Arizona camp, but LG brought only one pitcher, Myung-keun Park, the third-round pick to the Arizona camp. Of course, I couldn’t help but wonder why Kim Bum-seok was excluded.

There was pain in his shoulder. He injured his shoulder while sliding during a game last year, but at the time it got better after taking a break for about two weeks, so he continued to compete, and then he was injured again while sliding at home. Kim Beom-seok is spending his first pro spring camp with treatment and rehabilitation in the rehabilitation group.

Kim Beom-seok said, “Still, my shoulder has improved a lot,” and he said, “I started playing catch, and I am batting normally in the batting cage.”

He looked like he had lost a lot of weight. He has been losing weight through systematic management since his finishing training, which continued during the spring camp. Kim Bum-seok said, “I think I lost about 10 kg.”

Regarding not being able to go to the 1st team camp, Kim Beom-seok said, “I would be lying if I said I had no regrets.” I think it’s time to get better.”

It is a highly anticipated hit as Kim Beom-seok hit 10 home runs in a season for the first time since using a wooden bat in high school. When Kim Beom-seok was asked the secret of his home run, he said it was confidence. Kim Beom-seok said, “I think I can do it at bat. I can hit. I think I can hit a home run.” I don’t do anything to lower myself,” he said confidently.

Even though he is a rookie in the first round and is receiving a lot of attention due to the comments of general manager Cha, he did not feel impatient. At the current trend, it may be possible to hit the ball in the demonstration game. He might want to show off his hitting in the demonstration game, but Kim Beom-seok said, “I’m heading to the game after I’m completely healed because I don’t want it to happen again.”

His goal this season is also simple. Kim Beom-seok said, “I want to show my ability by playing Futures games normally because my shoulder is better, and I want to play in the first team once. said.

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