#Amusement Park #Invited 777 people #Car Wash #King of Mask Singer… It couldn’t be more earnest than this, “If only we won”

If only we win…”

The aspirations of the 10 teams to win the championship were hot. He strongly expressed his will to be with his fans as long as he won토토사이트.

On the 30th, at the Media Day for the 2023 season held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Hannam-dong, Seoul, he announced his ‘commitment to win’.

SSG, who stood at the top while winning the ‘Wire to Wire’ last year, was cautious, saying, “I am not ready yet,” and “I will practice after winning.”

Lee Jung-hoo, who finished runner-up, emphasized, “In the past, our seniors promised to go camping at Gocheok Sky Dome, but we haven’t done it yet. I will challenge myself to make that promise again.”

The will of the LG Twins, who have not won since 1994, was even stronger. Oh Ji-hwan said, “The general manager said he would listen to everything if he won. If you post it on the club’s SNS or YouTube, the players will deliver it.”

Oh Ji-hwan also did a surprise fan service. In response to a fan’s request, “If you win, please host the wedding,” he replied, “I’ll go even if I don’t win,” and applauded.

A pledge was also made using the club’s parent company. KIA Kim Do-young said, “If I win, I will wash the car for someone who has driven a KIA car.”

Lotte Giants Ahn Chi-hong replied, “We will hold a celebration at Lotte World,” and Park Se-woong replied, “

There was also a ‘big invitation’. Heo Gyeong-min of the Doosan Bears said, “If we win this time, it will be V7. We will invite 777 people to the opening match.” Inviting 777 people costs about 10 million won.

Son Ah-seop of the NC Dinos said, “Among the team sponsors, there is a place related to meat. I will choose meat with good marbling and grill it for the fans.” Then, recalling the fact that he appeared on a TV singing contest program in the past, he laughed and said, “The singer who appeared on The King of Mask Singer will also sing.”

Samsung Lions Oh Jae-il said, “Won Tae-in, Koo Ja-wook, and Lee Jae-hyun will have a celebratory performance at Dongseong-ro, Daegu,” and KT Kang Baek-ho said, “I want to make a realistic promise because I won the championship recently. I will vote in advance and do what the fans want.” did.

The Hanwha Eagles, who stayed at the bottom for three years, made a realistic promise of ‘fall baseball’. Jung Woo-ram said, “If we go to fall baseball, there are many players who are good at singing on our team, so we will be able to perform in front of the fans.”

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