Although he is a soldier, his love for his family is still… Heo Hoon helped break KT’s losing streak with coffee tea and intuition

He left the team and served as a soldier protecting the country, but ‘Ace’ Heo Hoon’s love for KT was ‘sincere’.

On the 27th, Suwon KT held a 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball regular league home game against Goyang Carrot at Suwon KT Sonicboom Arena. For KT, who competes for the round of 6 in the league running in the second half, the match was an important match to break a losing streak.

Heo Hoon (27, 180cm), who joined Sangmu for military service, was dispatched to change the atmosphere of KT, which is losing two consecutive losses, before Carrot, which had to end its losing streak. Heo Hoon, who is serving in the military at Sangmu, is a symbol of KT and a player representing KBL. Visiting the gym on vacation, he sent gifts of coffee and tea to cheer up his teammates.

On the coffee truck Heo Hoon sent, there was a message saying, ‘Heo Hoon supports the KT Sonic Boom Team’. You can get a glimpse of Heo Hoon’s love for the team. 토토사이트

Lee Doo-won (22, 204.4cm), who received Heo Hoon’s coffee truck as a gift, said, “I heard that there was a coffee truck and wondered who sent it. (Huh) Hun was sent by his older brother. Thank you for taking care of the players even though you are in the management.”

Regarding the coffee truck sent by Heo Hoon, a KT official said, “(Heo) Hoon said that he would send coffee trucks to the gym and players for fans to use. However, (Heo) Hoon agreed with the opinion that since the military salary is not high, we should send it to the players first and then send it to the fans after being discharged, so the coffee truck came.”

He also added words of encouragement, saying, “(Heo Hoon) cheered for the team to get the atmosphere back, and since there is not much difference from 6th place, I think we will have to work hard again.”

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