Airplane emergency door opened in horror, 30-year-old blames breakup on girlfriend?

Initial police investigation of A안전놀이터, who opened the door of an airplane while it was landing, concluded on the 26th.

Police remain silent…decision on whether to apply for an arrest warrant on 27th

“Mr. A recently broke up with his girlfriend.”

A decision on whether to apply for an arrest warrant for a man in his 30s who terrorized passengers by opening the emergency door of a landing Asiana aircraft is expected to be made on the 27th.

According to police on the 27th, the Daegu Eastern Police Station completed a preliminary investigation into Mr. A (32), who was suspected of violating the Aviation Act, the day before, and plans to decide whether to apply for an arrest warrant against him.

The police are investigating the exact motive and purpose of the crime against Mr. A, but he is reportedly silent. According to Article 23 of the Aviation Security Act, passengers are prohibited from tampering with doors, exits, or devices on board an aircraft, and violators are subject to imprisonment for up to 10 years.

Mr. A, who had been living on Jeju Island, was reportedly unemployed and had recently broken up with his girlfriend. Some media outlets quoted Mr. A’s mother as saying that Mr. A, who lived in Daegu, moved to Jeju Island about a year ago and lived with his girlfriend, and that he recently received a breakup notice from his girlfriend.

Mr. A was on board Asiana Airlines Flight OZ8124, which departed Jeju Airport for Daegu on the 26th, when the emergency exit door suddenly opened about 250 meters above the ground just before the aircraft landed. Because of this, the airliner landed at Daegu Airport with the door open, and some panicked passengers and crew members were taken to the hospital with breathing difficulties, including hyperventilation, and were later discharged.

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