‘Airplane doors open’ 30s, lived in Jeju since 7-8 years ago…”I’m stable and eat well”

Police are continuing their investigation into a man in his 30s who allegedly forced open the emergency door of a landing aircraft for a third day토토사이트. It is understood that the suspect is responding to the police investigation in a relatively stable condition.

According to the police on the 28th, A (33), who was detained at the Daegu East Police Station on the 26th on suspicion of violating the Aviation Security Act, is currently being investigated in a stable condition, including eating properly.

It is understood that Mr. A, whose hometown is Daegu, has been living in Jeju since about seven to eight years ago. According to police, he had been working various jobs on Jeju and quit his last job in the middle of this month.

It is believed that he had been working at that job for less than a year. Mr. A was living in Jeju and was not engaged in any professional occupation. The type of employment, such as a regular job, was not confirmed.

As for some of the allegations, such as “he was living with his girlfriend in Jeju and recently boarded a plane after receiving a breakup notice,” the investigation team said that “nothing has been confirmed.

According to the police investigation, Mr. A’s parents live in the Daegu area. In fact, Mr. A reportedly stated that his reason for boarding the flight to Daegu was to meet his parents.

Regarding suspicions that Mr. A had a history of mental illness, such as committing crimes while mentally unstable, the police said, “It has not yet been confirmed (whether he had a history of mental illness),” but “it is difficult to say specifically.”

The Daegu District Court will hold a pre-detention suspect interrogation (warrant substantive examination) for A at 2:30 p.m. on the 28th. It is expected to determine whether he will be detained as early as 6 p.m. that day.

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