Ahn So-hyun, the handsome star of the KLPGA tour, returned to the regular tour after 3 years.

Ahn So-hyun obtained a regular tour card by placing 16th in the tour seed match, and

now she is determined to be verified not only for her looks but also for her skills.

Reporter Kim Sang-ik met Ahn So-hyun, who is participating in the Vietnam tournament.

Ahn So-hyun has been greatly loved by golf fans regardless of her grades.

Ahn So-hyun, who had not been able to play the first part tour for two seasons as she ranked 86th on the regular tour in the 2020 season, has returned to the regular tour with her skills.

[Ahn So-hyun / Returning after 3 years on the KLPGA regular tour: I think I was able to return with more confidence thanks to the fans who always supported me and believed that I would be able to return to the regular tour again.]

Wait It wasn’t just the fans who gave.

For two years, he only occasionally participated in the first division tour as an invited player, but the sponsorship of companies that believed in the Ahn So-hyun effect did not decrease.

Rather, more than 10 companies, from main sponsors to clothing and equipment sponsors, sub-sponsors, models, and public relations ambassadors, continued their relationship with Ahn So- 스포츠토토

hyun . I think I was able to come up thanks to the sponsors who always trusted and supported me… .]

Ahn So-hyun, who started the new season with the Vietnam PLK Pacific Rings Korea Championship, is now determined to be evaluated for her performance.

[Ahn So-hyun / Returning after 3 years on the KLPGA regular tour: I admit that I am in the spotlight for my looks rather than my skills. That’s how much I feel like I have to show my skills… .]

Ahn So-hyun’s primary goal is to surpass her highest score of 21st. He is not greedy, and the idea is to be praised for grades one step at a time.

[Ahn So-hyun / Returning after 3 years on the KLPGA tour: I will definitely repay you with my skills in the 2023 season. Fighting!]

This is YTN Kim Sang-ik from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.