Achieved 2 gold medals in international competitions

Daun Jeong, a member of Daejeon City Hall’s bowling team, gave a New Year’s gift to the local sports community by winning a gold medal in the first international competition of the year.

The Daejeon Sports Association announced on the 24th that Daun Jeong participated in the ’26th Asian Bowling Championships’ held at SCAA Bowling Stadium in Hong Kong and won gold medals in women’s doubles and fives and bronze medals in threes.

Daun Jeong, the only city bowler who was selected as the national team member and participated in this tournament, scored 2903 points in six games and 2797 points in the women’s duo game held on the 11th by matching with Seungja Baek from Gumi City Hall. They defeated a Singapore national team and confirmed the championship.

Then, in the three-person group match held the next day, Kim Hyun-mi (Gokseong-gun Office) and Baek Seung-ja (Gumi City Hall) teamed up to win the bronze medal with a total score of 4218 points. He won his second gold medal and won two gold medals in the event. 헤라카지노

Daun Jeong is a new member of the bowling team of Daejeon City Hall this year and is expected to contribute greatly to the power of the bowling team of Daejeon City Hall by winning two gold medals with her excellent performances from the first tournament of the new year.

Chairman Lee Seung-chan said, “Congratulations to Jeong Da-woon, who brought great joy to the citizens with his first victory in the new year, and we will do our best to support the Daejeon City Hall bowling team, which has shown excellent performance since the beginning of this year following last year, so that it can produce more valuable results in the future.” said.

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