A member of the strongest LG bullpen, looking at the KIA mound… “I’m looking forward to more next year”

He smiled quietly, saying, “I’m still adapting,” but the evaluations around him were different. Lefty Kim Dae-yu (32), wearing the KIA uniform as Park Dong-won’s FA reward player토토사이트, has already become a proud team member recognized by his teammates and coaching staff.

On the 9th, KIA, which returned home after completing the second training camp in Okinawa, selected Dae-Yoo Kim as one of the winners of the ‘Team Leader Award’, which is awarded to players who lead the team’s training atmosphere and set an example. Although he had just transferred, he trained diligently and received recognition from the officials. This is the part that shows how different Kim Dae-yoo’s determination for this camp was.

Kim Dae-yu is a player who played a significant role in the LG bullpen, which had a strong mound. LG recorded a team average ERA of 3.45 over the past two years, which was first in the league during the same period. The bullpen was more dominant. In 288 games, the bullpen’s average ERA was only 3.09, which was far ahead of second place kt (3.65). Kim Dae-yu, who recorded an average ERA of 2.09 in 123 games for two years, was the key.

Then, how is the current state of the KIA bullpen compared to the LG bullpen? Kim Dae-yu looked at his teammates and juniors with a cold yet warm heart. He can’t be sober and say he’s better than LG right now. However, he had a number of players who could be matched, and he expected that it could be improved by considering the players who will develop in the future. Kim Dae-yu raised his voice, saying, “The team is looking forward to next year more.”

Kim Dae-yu said, “The starting lineup is really good,” and emphasized that Pil Seung-jo was reliable, saying, “Even in the bullpen, Jeong Hae-young, Jeon Sang-hyun, Jang Hyeon-sik, and Lee Jun-young are already players who can play.” “There are many friends who have potential. In addition to the existing players, players like Choi Ji-min and Lee Tae-gyu also have potential,” he emphasized.

So he said this year is more important. This is because the speed of growth in the future can be different depending on how good the experience is accumulated this year. Kim Dae-yu said, “These players grow as they play in the game. It’s good to be a stone, but it will be better if they become steel through good experiences.”

In fact, the bullpen is where I see KIA becoming stronger compared to last year. In addition to the existing four Pil Seung-jo members, Kim Dae-yu, a reliable setup man, has joined the team, and if Kim Ki-hoon joins the bullpen, the assortment will become more colorful. Young players such as Choi Ji-min showed clear growth through this camp, and considering the growth of players and young players returning from injuries, it is evaluated that there are definitely more resources available than last year.

KIA coach Kim Jong-guk also said, “If you play 144 games, you can’t do it without injury. Even in preparation for this, I’m trying to thicken the overall depth. I’m preparing with care.” One of the biggest achievements of the camp was the reinforcement of the pitching staff. Of course, you have to open the lid to know how.

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