A brief history of esports and competitive gaming

The gaming industry we see today is vastly different from even 10 years ago. From arcades to home video games, to the giant business it is today, gaming has gone from an entertaining hobby to an entertainment universe of its own making.

Video games have become the biggest worldwide medium of entertainment today, and one thing that helped make video games so popular is their competitive nature, and with competitive gaming comes esports: gaming on a professional level.

So, without any further ado, let us dive right in and explore the evolution of esports through a trip down memory lane. 메이저사이트

Origins of esports
The first sign of esports event was way back in late 1971. It was an event held by the University of Stanford, where students of multiple disciplines got to compete in a battle of the vintage Spacewar game.

But unlike today, there was no prize money. This pioneer event announced the prize of a one-year subscription to the famous Rolling Stone magazine.

Even though this event was not an official esports event, it was certainly the start of something new in the world of gaming. And the momentum this event provided kickstarted the first official competitive gaming event in 1980.

The event was the Space Invaders Championship, and more than 10,000 players participated. The massive amount of interest put the world of competitive gaming into the people’s eyes. Media, game developers, and numerous other organizations slowly started to realize the potential competitive gaming had, and started acting on it.

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