‘8:0 no game in the rain’ as if to solve… Plutco chose full-power pitching instead of recovery training

The first mound to rise in two weeks. Plutko, who had been fighting hard with two hits and no runs in 1⅓ innings, had to come down the mound because of the sudden heavy rain. The LG Twins, who were leading 8-0, had no choice but to laugh bitterly when they declared a no-game in the second inning.

9th Gwangju-Kia Champions Field. LG foreign ace Plutko threw a ball that he failed to throw in the starting match against the KIA Tigers the previous day.

It started raining in the Gwangju area in the morning and stopped in the afternoon. Batting training was impossible as the infield of Champions Field was still covered with a large tarp, but catch ball and running training were possible on the outfield grass. KIA pitchers and fielders first trained for catch balls in the Champions Field outfield and then moved to the indoor training ground.

LG players, like the KIA players, were training for outfield catch balls, and Plutko’s pitching attracted attention.메이저놀이터

1⅓ innings was not enough.

A look satisfied with his helmet

Advice from Coach Kwang-Sam Kim, who watched pitching

‘Take care of the remaining second half!’
Usually, pitchers who finished the start the day before focus on recovery training the next day. But Plutko’s case was different. He climbed the starting mound in 14 days due to a cold and corona, but because of the rain, he could not pass the 2nd inning and had to come down the mound.

With pitching coach Kim Gwang-sam watching, Plutko checked his condition by throwing the ball with all his might as if he were on the mound in the catch ball area.

It was a no-game in the rain until the day before, and Plutko’s official record for the second half was the start of the match against KT on July 25 and digested 6 innings. Plutko was scheduled to pitch against SSG in Jamsil on July 22, but the game was canceled due to rain, and after pitching on the 25th, he had to take a break for two weeks due to a cold and corona. This is because he only pitched 1⅓ of the 8th game, and even that was deleted from the record.

Plutko, who is recording an average ERA of 2.33 this season with 11 wins and 2 losses, may have benefited from an unintended long break. Will it be possible to check on the next pitch?

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