‘7 points, 2 assists’ Byun Jun-hyung, who was somewhat hesitant, must overcome the pressure and check the opponent

Byun Jun-hyung (186cm, G) showed a sluggish appearance in the 6th round.

Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation won Suwon KT 76-68 in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot professional basketball regular league held at Anyang Indoor Gymnasium on the 18th.

Recently, KGC Ginseng Corporation, which was sluggish with 3 consecutive losses, recorded 35 wins and 15 losses with 3 consecutive losses and escape. The ride with second place Changwon LG is 1.5 games.

The game was dragged from the beginning of the game by KGC Ginseng Corporation. KT attempted a post play using the heights of Ha Yoon-ki토토사이트 (203cm, C) and Jarrod Jones (203cm, F), and took a 26-16 lead in the second quarter at one point. KGC Ginseng Corporation fought back with Omari Spellman (206cm, F) and Oh Se-geun (200cm, C), but struggled with accurate attacks that made use of KT’s height.

However, after the 3rd quarter, Kgc Ginseng Corporation started a counterattack. Spellman didn’t have a good perimeter, but he led the attack with a series of slam dunks with full of power in the matchup with Jones. In addition, sixth man Jung Joon-won (193cm, F) showed an altoran-like appearance in both offense and defense, and succeeded in turning around. Eventually, he continued to lead throughout the 4th quarter and succeeded in escaping from 3 consecutive losses at home.

Although the victory was won, Kgc Ginseng Corporation was sorry for the sluggishness of the main guard Byun Jun-hyung.

Byun Jun-hyeong was motivated from the first quarter, but the team play fell short as he was simultaneously leading and attacking. He also recorded a turnover while struggling against the defense of his matchup opponent, KT Jung Sung-woo (178cm, G).

In the 2nd and 3rd quarters, Byun Jun-hyeong was also heavy. In the second quarter, the field goal success rate was only 0% (0/2), and it failed to show its presence in the attack. In the 3rd quarter, KT struggled against KT’s check to the extent that there was no shot attempt at all. Director Kim Sang-sik put in Park Ji-hoon (184cm, G) and showed Byun Jun-hyung a break.

In the 4th quarter, while kgc ginseng construction reversed, Byun Jun-hyung also rode the flow of attack. Byun Jun-hyeong assisted Spellman’s attack while playing a high-low game with Park Ji-hoon as a two-guard. Here, he helped widen the lead to 66-55 by making a 3-pointer with 7:20 left in the fourth quarter.

Afterwards, Byun Jun-hyung collided with KT Jones with 2 minutes and 42 seconds left in the 4th quarter and collapsed on the court. I was concerned about a serious injury from the impact on his lower neck, but fortunately, he stood up alone and went to the bench. After resting on the bench, Byun Jun-hyeong reassured the fans by entering the court again.

In the end, Byun Jun-hyung, who digested the game until the end of the game, helped the team escape from losing streak. On this day, Byun Jun-hyeong recorded 7 points and 2 assists while running for 27 minutes and 21 seconds. It was disappointing that his field goal success rate was only 38% (3/8) and his assists were less than his average (5.1).

Byun Jun-hyung’s move in the 6th round is less than the previous 5th round. His round 5 average was 15.8 points, while his round 6 average was slightly reduced to 11.8 points. It was good to create an attack as the No. 1 role of KGC Ginseng Corporation, but his physical burden got in the way as he played for more than 30 minutes.

Fans are watching his fingertips to see if Byun Joon-hyung will overcome his own burden and help the team win the regular league.

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