28-year-old Ace, who felt finger pain, avoided a major bad news on shaking Korean Air… “It’s not a big injury”

  • February 19, 2023

“I think it could be seen as a little sprained. 메이저사이트 If I play the next game, I will wear a bandage and play.”

Korean Air’s outside heater Jung Ji-seok (28) suffered a major shock to his left little finger while attempting an attack in the 2nd set 26-26 of the 2nd set of Woori Card in the 5th round of the Dodram 2022-23 V-League Men’s Division held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 17th. worn Jeong Ji-seok fell on the court and was unable to stand up for a while. After being replaced for a while with the help of a trainer, he came back out after reorganization and played the game to the end.

After the game, Korean Air coach Tommy Tilikhainen commented on Jung Ji-seok’s condition, “It looks bad, but it’s hard to say anything because I’m not an expert in the field. He needs to go to the hospital and get tested.”

Jung Ji-seok underwent a thorough examination at the hospital on the 18th, and luckily received a finding that it was not a major injury. Korean Air members and fans who support Korean Air can now calm down their shock.

A Korean Air official said in a phone call with MK Sports on the 18th, “It is not a major injury. It seems to be a bit sprained. He plans to take a break from training on the 18th, and will play the next game with a bandage on his left little finger.”

Jeong Ji-seok is the ace of Korean Air. He has played 29 games (111 sets) this season, scoring 427 points, attack success rate of 53.61%, receiving efficiency of 39.49%, dig 1.721 per set, serve 0.45 per set, and block 0.586 per set. He ranks 4th in offense percentage, 5th in blocking-defence, 6th in serve, 7th in receiving, 8th in scoring, and 9th in dig. He is named in most of the karate stats.

In the Woori Card match, he overcame the finger shock and scored 16 points (3 serves, 1 block), the most in the team, with an attack success rate of 52.17%.

Korean Air is currently in a crisis. They are down with 1 win and 5 losses in their last 6 matches. In the Woori Card match, they failed to bring even a single set and were completely defeated, and on the 18th, second place Hyundai Capital brought 3 points to KB Insurance. The difference between Korean Air (59 points, 20 wins, 9 losses) and Hyundai Capital (58 points, 19 wins, 10 losses) is now one point.

In such a situation, if even Jeong Ji-seok was missing, it is clear that Korean Air would be in a big crisis.

Fortunately, while avoiding major injuries, can Jung Ji-seok save the shaking team from a crisis? Korean Air will play the final game of the 5th round against OK Financial Group at Ansan Sangroksu Gymnasium on the 22nd.

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