2023 K-League Opening Special ‘WE ARE DAEGU’ ① Different but same, same but strong

  • February 20, 2023

Daegu FC’s 2022 was not an easy time, as there were many uphills and downhills to match the expression of a roller coaster. Edgar, the team’s main striker, left the team due to injury in the first stage of the AFC Champions League, and coach Gama,카지노 who was ambitiously recruited, also left the team. To Edgar, who left the team and focused on rehabilitation, ‘Should I quit soccer? Should I not? It is said that they also had a time of worrying, “Should I continue?” The team, which was in crisis, shot a flare of revival little by little from September. Although it ended in a draw, the Jeju expedition on September 13 was the beginning of Daegu’s survival. It is said that Ko Je-hyeon added his determination to help the team to the coach’s trust at the time. Daegu, which had not been easy throughout the season, won against Seoul for the first time, and then took the Suwon expedition to virtually confirm its survival, last winter had a harder time based on that hardship.

Daegu, which started winter training again after the time of competition for survival, Sejingya, who was the team captain this season, compared last season’s performance with ‘I don’t think Daegu is a team that should be in that position, so this year we prepare more thoroughly. So, shouldn’t we give joy to the fans?’, and quickly joined the winter training. I think so. Starting the new year, Daegu headed to Namhae, and the new head coach Choi Won-kwon started training, saying, ‘I want to help the players quickly find their team color’. And the players quickly began to understand the team’s situation. Regarding the specific team’s tactics, coach Choi Won-kwon said, “It’s a rather solid defense, organized defense, but we will also aim for gaps in the aggressive defense opponents that we can do well and press forward.” It was revealed that soccer was necessary, and this part was something that the main goalscorers of teams like Sejingya and Ko Jae-hyun sympathized with throughout the training period.

Senior team member Lee Keun-ho also announced that he would be more active in soccer, revealing that he had become certain through training in Japan, and coach Choi Won-kwon also showed great satisfaction with the overall training period. Daegu FC, who continued training from the beginning of the new year until one week before the opening, and Ko Jae-hyun, who has been a key player in the team, conveyed this determination for the last time.

“Thanks to the voices of the fans, we were able to take a step forward and overcome the difficulties, so if you give us so many voices from behind this year, we will work harder at the concert hall to repay those voices and I will make it with

What color will Daegu FC’s soccer be?

The opening is now coming this weekend, and the Daegu FC home opening will also be held on the first weekend of March.

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