147km/h Busan Won Sang-hyun evaluation continues to rise … Whimoon Kim Hwi-gun is 8 consecutive K

Won Sang-hyun’s evaluation continues to rise. It’s still early in the season, but it seems to be falling into a state of considerable confusion. That’s why the pitchers are in good shape. He sprays 150km/h every day. Now, 150km/h has become like a marginal line in the first round. At the site, people say, “In the past, when I went 150km/h, I said ‘wow’, but now it doesn’t matter.”

Won Sang-hyeon (junior) of Busan High School left a deep impression on scouts with good pitching. On March 28, Won Sang-hyun, who came as a starter in the Shinsegae E-Mart Cup Whimoon Classic, caught 9 strikeouts in 6.1 innings and allowed 1 run. His speed also came up to 147 km / h. An official from Team A who watched the match said, “It was really good. I felt it from the past, but the breaking ball is good and the perfection is excellent.”

Another official from Team B also evaluated, “This friend is almost complete at the high school level.” He is said to have excellent fighting skills, breaking ball skills, pitching form, and control. Before the start of the season, there were officials who were curious about his rather small height, but now he is considered a clear candidate for the first round토토사이트.

Kim Hwi-gun also showed a good appearance. He struck out a whopping 11 in 6.2 innings, although he gave up three runs. Notably, he struck out eight batters in a row over the last three innings. Kim Hwi-gun’s highest speed was 147 km/h, based on the professional team’s speed gun. Busan High School coach Park Gye-won admired him, saying, “What kind of high school student can have such a heavy ball?”

A team official who watched the match said, “Won Sang-hyun was really good in the beginning. However, when he went over 80, he showed signs of losing strength. Kim Hwi-gun was also good. However, it was a bit jagged at the beginning. Rather, it was really good because I lost my strength in the second half. Aren’t they both players with high expectations? Looking at it so far, it seems that Won Sang-hyun has followed him a lot.”

Won Sang-hyun is evaluated as a complete player at the high school level. However, he is a player who has been paid for a year, and he is not tall, so the key is how much he can grow in the future.

Kim Hwi-gun’s pitch is the No. 1 in the entire high school. However, the key is how much he reduces the ups and downs. On this day, the beginning and the second half of Kim Hwi-gun were clearly different.

Meanwhile, in the match, Busan High School tied up freshman Minje Choi’s two RBIs and timely hits to beat Seoul’s powerful Whimoon High School 4-2 and advance to the next round.

To sum up 2023 high school baseball in one word, it is the ‘heyday of the best pitchers’. Left-handed pitchers are also more abundant than last year, and right-handed pitchers are particularly good. The beasts are not using their strength at all. Until now, even after the Shinsegae E-Mart Bae has progressed to some extent, the beast has not seen a top-ranked player. Rather, even Lee Sang-jun (Gyeonggi High School), who was considered a candidate for the first round, is not so good that he is somewhat behind in the first round candidate.

Conversely, the rise of other pitchers is staggering. If I were to pick the two representative players who have recently come up the most, they would definitely be Won Sang-hyun and Kim Taek-yeon (3rd year at Incheon High School).

Now professional baseball begins. But it’s not just professional baseball. The splendid clash between high school baseball pitchers who will become rookies for each team next season is also expected to attract the attention of professional baseball fans.

Before the opening, Yun Young-chul (Kia, 19) was confirmed as the 5th starter. There’s no law telling pitchers who are here this season not to be that way next year. No, the field sees that the probability of that happening is very high.

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