’10 straight SF wins, 12 straight CIN wins’ Power Rankings ‘Jump to TOP10’

Two teams that recently improved their performance significantly by winning 10 and 12 games in a row have made big jumps in the power rankings.

Major League Baseball released its Power Rankings for the final week of June on Sunday (June 27), highlighted by the San Francisco Giants and Cincinnati Reds.

First, there was no change in the top five. No. 1 Tampa Bay Rays, No. 2 Atlanta Braves, No. 3 Texas Rangers, No. 4 Baltimore Orioles, No. 5 Arizona Diamondbacks.

Tampa Bay still leads the majors, while Atlanta’s recent batting explosion has made them a dominant force in the National League.

Texas has also solidified its lead in the American League West despite Jacob deGrom’s season-ending injury, while Baltimore and Arizona are also in good shape.안전놀이터

Eli de la Cruz. Photo by Getty Images

The top six through 10 have since changed. San Francisco, which has won 10 straight, jumped from 12th to sixth, while 15th-ranked Cincinnati is in eighth.

Last week’s No. 6 Los Angeles Dodgers dropped to No. 7, while the No. 8 New York Yankees slipped to No. 12, outside the top 10, and No. 7 Houston dropped to No. 10. In ninth place are the Miami Marlins.

San Francisco, which has won 10 straight games, is in second place in the National League West with a 44-34 record and .564 winning percentage through 26 games. Well positioned to contend for the district title.

The Cincinnati Reds are also atop the National League Central with a 41-37 record and a .526 winning percentage. It’s a precarious half-game lead, but the Reds have been hot lately.

The bottom of the standings has also changed. From 26th to 30th place are the Chicago White Sox, Washington Nationals, Colorado Rockies, Kansas City Royals, and Oakland Athletics.

The Chicago White Sox dropped two spots, while Oakland slipped one spot to the bottom of the list at No. 30. Washington, on the other hand, moved up one spot.

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