“○○Ah, it’s the policeman” A detective who sent an Instagram DM in short words for ‘excuse me for the investigation’… Parties are ‘displeased’

○○ Ah, it’s the policeman.”

An Instagram direct message ( DM ) sent by the police saying that they were investigating a cell phone theft in a bar was on the cutting board. Even though they were able to contact them by looking up their cell phone number, they are indignant at the fact that they contacted them through social media containing their private lives and called the woman’s name several times in short language without revealing the purpose of contact. On the 18th, on the blinds of an anonymous online community of office workers , a post with the title of ‘Insta DM

came regarding the police investigation request토토사이트 ‘ was posted. Woman A, who posted her post, had her birthday party at her bar near her home on the 13th, and on the 16th, she received an Instagram message from a man who referred to himself as a ‘police uncle’. Looking at her conversation history posted by her author, this man called her Mr. A’s name ““○○ Ah” in her short language, and added her own mobile phone number and “It’s Mr. Police. I sent a message saying, “Please contact me. Confused by this, Mr. A said, “Who are you? What message did you send three times?” she asked why, but her counterpart replied, “It’s the policeman. I sent a message saying, “Please contact me.” Mr. A, who was suspicious of this, said, “She kept calling me by DM and saying the police and all, so I replied and then blocked her right away,” she revealed.

[Online community]

After about 2 hours have passed since then. Mr. A received a call from the cell phone number that this man told him that it was his number. It was said that Mr. A was a suspect in a cell phone theft case that occurred at a bar, and he was asked to appear.

Regarding the situation at the time, Mr. A said, “As soon as I answered the phone, ‘I went to a certain bar (store name), didn’t I?’ and while the party was going to the bathroom, a report came in saying that they had lost their cell phone in the bathroom . ” They said I had to go to the police station,” he wrote.

Mr. A, who claimed innocence, said, “(The policeman said) ‘You can drink and take it. But if you took it by mistake, wouldn’t you have to put it back the next day?’ “I was already a suspect,” he said.

It was unfair that Mr. A was identified as a suspect, but he was indignant at the fact that the police called his name in short language and even viewed his Instagram story, which contained his personal life unrelated to the investigation.

Mr. A said, “I was able to find out my cell phone number by checking my credit card number, etc., but is it right to send a DM like that ? ” Is this not a problem?” he asked. He said, “I really didn’t bring my phone and couldn’t see it, so I have to attend. I feel like a criminal already.

According to Mr. A, the man in question is not an impersonator, but a real cop. It is said that he has confirmed his identity through the complaint office of the police station, and has also confirmed the police station he belongs to and the department he belongs to. It was also true that a cell phone theft case was filed.

Non-police civilians protested the story. Criticisms such as “It’s not an emergency, but you don’t even look up your cell phone number and contact Instagram, right?”, “You don’t even know why it’s wrong to call it an investigation after threatening people with squeaks and squeaks without revealing your identity properly.” followed one after another Reactions such as “Wasn’t the police officer supposed to reveal his identity, name, and purpose of inspection even if he was questioned on the road? ”


Members who have been certified as employees of the ‘Police Agency’ point out that although random investigation through SNS is one of the investigative techniques, there is a problem in treating Mr. A disrespectfully as if he were a subordinate .

One incumbent said, “ I only asked for contact through DM , and it seems that the formal attendance request was made over the phone. He advised, “Because he is a reference person, he just needs to appear and make a statement comfortably.” Some responded cynically, saying, “That person is drunk with detective mulberry (he is overly immersed in the fact that he is a detective).” Some said, “I can’t defend the way of approaching by calling names in short language.”

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